Meow Meow

by Simon The Magpie

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elixx thumbnail
elixx my purring is referring to my worry bout everything Favorite track: Meow Meow.
Analog Weapon
Analog Weapon thumbnail
Analog Weapon This is genuine human artwork. That's not as simple or easy as it might seem to some people. I like it because I do. Favorite track: Ocean Cat ft.Måns.
franny23dmt thumbnail
franny23dmt i love it because it's is free spirited music that cares not for society norms with regards to such Favorite track: Meow Meow.
Cliff Hensley
Cliff Hensley thumbnail
Cliff Hensley I found this through the YouTube video where you show what talent can do with minimal equipment. I love everything about this record! It has a carefree childlike spirit and yet is moving to the adult in me at the same time. It’s experimental, but doesn’t forget to groove while maintaining its ethereal je ne sais quois. It tingles my imagination, picks up my mood, and gets me going. Thank you so much for this! I look forward to hearing what you do next.
michalchmielinski thumbnail
michalchmielinski Thank you Simon for this crazy stuff, gretz from Poland :) Favorite track: Nine Lives.
EdelPenner thumbnail
EdelPenner The cat vibes Favorite track: Meow Meow.
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released April 16, 2019


all rights reserved



Simon The Magpie Sweden

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Track Name: Cat Intro
I feel fine even if I'm a failure
Cause my cat she told me I'm the only one that she can talk to
Up all night we can take a nap later
Cause my cat she told me I don't have to do what I don't want to
Track Name: Meow Meow
Maybe you're meowing on purpose
Maybe you're meowing for love
Maybe you're meowing in circles
Or maybe not meowing at all

Maybe my purring's referring
to how many times I've been worried that everything
I've ever thought to be real is just dreams of my cat
Now how about that

Maybe you're meowing to find me
Maybe you're meowing my name
Maybe if I meow back to you
we got our own little game

Maybe your purring's referring
to words that are lost in a parallel universe
Maybe the answer to life is just meow of my cat
Now how about that
Track Name: Nine Lives
I've been dreaming I'm out of breath
But I don't see the significance
So my solution's just to leave my bed
And now I'm sleeping on my keyboard instead

Cause time flies when you're stressed out it's messed up
Nine lives I'll take the last ones to just rest up
Hindsight is the best type of regression
Nine lives let's just test drugs and have sex right now

I've been dreaming I'm out of breath
But all I feel is indifference
So my solution's just to leave my bed
And now I'm sleeping with my cat instead
Track Name: Elevator
I got stuck in an elevator once
And got scared that I would die
Cause I've seen that shit in movies

I forgot everything I've ever known
Cause there's a red dot on the floor
I need to see what it's next move is

I wanna blame the taste but nothing really counts
I'm to often in denial
and don't believe in disapproval

(And I think the entire game is rigged
But if I play little bit
they will show me where the food is)

I got stuck in an elevator once
And got scared that I would die
Cause I've seen that shit in movies
Track Name: On And On
Part of me is really fucking dumb
And the rest of me is not so far behind
It goes on and on
Track Name: Door
I don't think it will get any better
But my reason for believing this is pretty much made up
I didn't even plan it out it just sort of happened
Now everything is on the floor and you're not even back yet

What's outside that door

The human way of living life is pretty much backwards
You get a home walk out the door and come back when tired
And I don't even think that it can get any better
if you don't get back home right now to your cat and pet her

What's behind that door
Track Name: Poop
When you really really love someone
you can poop in front of each other

Sometimes when I go to the toilet my cat follows me
Sometimes when I sit on the toilet my cat sits in my knee
Have you ever loved someone so much you wanna smell their ass
Sometimes when my cat's on the toilet I follow her
Track Name: Why You Do It
It's not about how you do it
No it's all about why you do it
And if you can't even figure that out
then you're pretty much already fucked

Sometimes I just need a little break
from whatever it will take for you

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